A few weeks ago, my family and I took a quick day trip up to Boone, NC to hang out for the day. This was the second day trip I’ve taken my son on and it went just as smoothly as the first. Knowing we were taking this trip a few days in advance helped me to prepare and plan ahead. While I made a mental list, I would always recommend writing a list out on paper so you don’t forget to pack anything important.

I must say, traveling anywhere with a baby or toddler takes planning, even if it’s a simple trip to the grocery store! You just never know what may happen so you can never be too prepared. Within 10 minutes of being in Boone at our first stop, the Dan’l Boone Inn for lunch, I had left Michael’s sippy cup in the car and decided he would be ok with a kids cup for an hour. Boy was I wrong! The cup was styrophone¬†and my wild child poked a hole straight through the bottom and he and I were covered in tea. Let’s just say it was a good thing I packed lots of extra outfits!

One of my favorite pictures from our Boone trip! ūüôā

On that note, here are three tips for packing and preparing for a day trip with your toddler. Enjoy! 

  • Plan in advance.¬†The sooner you can plan a day trip, the better. While last minute trips are always fun they become a little more difficult when traveling with a toddler. That may not be true for everyone, but I always give myself an extra 20-30 minutes when leaving the house for just a short trip out. You just never know your toddlers mood because they can change so quickly! Michael has his days where it’s just a struggle to get clothes on him. He likes to just be in a diaper. While I don’t take day trips often, both of the ones I have taken him on I’ve planned at least a few days in advance for.
  • Make a list.¬†Whether it be a mental or written list, make a list! Plan ahead for things you need to take with you. Luckily I don’t have to worry about having enough formula for the day anymore, but with my constantly snacking toddler I have to make sure to have plenty of snacks packed. Things to remember to take more than enough of are diapers, wipes, a few outfits, snacks and toys. You just never know what may happen! Also, if you have a teething baby or toddler tylenol or motrin just in case those gums are causing problems. It may also be a good idea to pack an extra shirt for yourself. When the tea incident I mentioned earlier happened I didn’t have an extra shirt for myself so I smelled like tea all day, which I suppose there are definitely worse things to smell like.
  • Little pit stops.¬†Luckily my little man doesn’t mind riding in the car for the most part. He loves to watch out other cars pass by and look at nature. However, the two day trips I have taken him on I have stopped going and coming back at least once to get him out of his car seat because he can get quite grumpy sitting still for long periods of time. Both of the trips have only been 1 1/2 – 2 hours away, but but for such an active 22 month old he likes to run around. Something that also helps to keep him entertained while riding is telling him to look at the airplanes in the sky, the big truck passing by, or anything that will grab his attention and get him chattering about it.

There are so many other tips, but these three have been life savers for our day trips. Obviously taking a camera is a must to capture priceless memories in pictures or video form.

What are some tips you guys have for taking a day trip with your toddler? Any funny stories of a trip? Let’s start a discussion in the comments below!¬†



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