Last week I introduced my brand new weekly series titled Thursday Coffee Talks and I am following up my first post with three items that I have fallen in love with in literally the span of a week.

When it comes to productivity I am always looking for tips and tricks that will save time and help motivate me to get more work done. This Google Chrome Extension is literally kickass and I would strongly encourage everyone that uses Google to go download it RIGHT NOW.

Yes that’s how awesome this extension is.

Honestly, I do not download new apps very often on my phone, so when I am intrigued by something I will download it and test it out to see if I will use it or not. This app has been around for a little while and I just discovered how cool it is and now I want to use it all day long!

Oh, and for all of you basketball fans out there, I have joined the ESPN Tournament Challenge craze and started two brackets. I love basketball but this is a huge step for me because I have never cared about sports enough to actively follow along and participate in something of this caliber. Just being bluntly honest here! Don’t judge me. 

Grab a cup of coffee like I have right now and enjoy some of my favorite things that you might find helpful in your life! 

Google Chrome – Google Calendar Extension

When it comes to productivity I always nerd out over articles and tools that will be beneficial to me or anyone I know. As a working mom, I have to literally write down everything to keep track of what I have going on at any given minute of the day.

In the past, and currently, I have always used Google Calendar because I have legitimately always had a Gmail Account.  

With that being said, I have no clue how I never knew about the Google Calendar Chrome Extension until now, but this extension keeps me on track for getting all of my tasks completed in a timely manner while I am at work.

This extension also keeps me on track of any personal appointments I have outside of work in my personal life.

If you are looking to get organized and stay on track with tasks at work or not miss any appointments, I seriously encourage you to use this extension. You will not regret it.

Plus, this is completely free to use it which is a huge added benefit. 


I can honestly say I rarely download apps on my phone because what tends to happen is I will download them, learn about them, and never use them again.

Guess you can call me a creature of habit when it comes to the apps I use all of the time. So when I find a new app that I fall in love with I quickly become attached to it and it is added to my list of daily apps.

Boomerang has been around for a while, but I recently downloaded and WOW was I missing out on the fun. Now when I am out and about I look at anything and everything I can possibly use as a Boomerang and open up my app and hit record.

This app is really awesome and unique, plus it is super fun to use. If you are active on Instagram this will open up a whole new creative world for you as far as Instagram content goes.

This app is free and you can implement it into content for work or use it personally. I recommend just testing out because the worst thing that will happen is you won’t like it and you can simply uninstall it, but like I said I have fallen in love with it. 

ESPN Tournament Challenge

My last favorite of the week is something that is well known to all of you basketball lovers out there.

Yes, I am talking about the ESPN Tournament Challenge! 

I have never really been into sports, and by that I mean I enjoy watching watching games but I have never chosen favorite teams or truly followed along on what is going on. With that being said I can tell you that basketball is easily one of my favorite sports to watch. When I was in high school and college I attended all of the games I could because I actually understand it to a certain point and basketball is just fun to watch!

At work we decided to create a group on the ESPN Tournament Challenge site and I decided I would join in on the fun and give it a try. Let me tell you I have discovered something about myself – if I just try following along with a sport I love I actually really enjoy it! 

I am now active in two brackets and following along with the tournaments – I am actually watching sports at free will! This a major step for me and being the mom of a boy I know this will only benefit me in the long run.

Now I can only hope by the end of this tournament I will choose one or two favorite college teams and keep up with them next season.

What are some of your favorite products? Is there an app you just can’t live without? Leave a comment below and let me know because I am always looking for something new to try!


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