I want to start this Thursday Coffee Talks off by saying Thank You for bearing with me while my computer was sent away to get repaired.

The past few weeks have been a little hectic due to getting my computer fixed and moving, but all is good and I will be back on track from here on out with the normal Tuesday/Thursday blog schedule.

This week I have three awesome things to share with you that will make your life as a mom a little easier and your job more productive. The first is a hair product I absolutely adore, the second is old school but still works, and the third is the communication tool we use at the company I work for.

Grab your cup of coffee, or tea, and enjoy my favorite items of the week!

TRESemme Basic Care Dry Shampoo

I do not know about you fellow moms out there, but some days I do not have the time to dedicate to my hair. After all, chasing after a toddler all day calls for a pony tail anyways. This product has helped me out tremendously if I just do not have the time to wash my hair one day. My hair takes forever to dry and if I have to take a shower in the morning I do not have the time to waste on drying my hair.

I have never been a fan of dry shampoos, but when I switched hair stylists recently I was talked in to trying them again. I found this one at the local grocery store and I always keep a bottle on hand now. Plus, it is actually bad to wash your hair every single day so taking a break from time to time is a good thing.

Unlike other dry shampoos, this one does not leave a weird film feeling on my hair. It literally soaks up the excess oil, as long as you follow the directions correctly. Apply to much (not that I have ever done that) and your hair will feel like a hot mess. I would recommend this to any of you ladies out there that need a quick hair fix on those crazy busy mornings you may have between getting your little(s) ready and making it to work on time.

Handwritten To-Do List

Yes, you heard correctly – handwritten to-do list. I kid you not, I feel so incredibly productive when I write out an actual to-do list. Not only do I write it, I go a step further to color code my list based on what needs to be done by what day of the week. Once I have completed a task I mark it off of my list and sleep better at night with a feeling of satisfaction from how productive my day was.

Once I have my list written out I always plan out my week based on my to-do list in Google Calendar (I mentioned the Chrome Extension in my last Thursday Coffee Talks article). I color code accordingly based on what each task is. I also place my high priority items either at the top of my list for first thing in the morning, or right after lunch. These are the two times of the work day I am most productive so I always try to knock out the most important tasks I have then.

While some, or maybe even most, of you may think handwriting your to-do list is old-fashioned, it is something I throughly look forward to at the beginning of each week. It helps me to stay calm and collected and to know I am completing what I need to complete, when I need to do it.


Last, but definitely not least, this week is Slack. This communication tool is making huge strides in the business world and I am so happy we use it at my job. The features Slack offers are endless.

The whole purpose of Slack is to have excellent team communication and to cut back on the numerous amounts of emails sent each day. They are also in the process of some awesome updates, including video chat integration, which will make it easier to communicate with team members that may not work in the office – think freelancers or those who work from home some days of the week.

The ability to create channels based on each client is also great to keep track of what is going on in the client campaign. I would highly recommend this tool to anyone who owns a business and is looking to find an easier way to stay up to date with team members and client campaigns.

What are some of your favorite products? Is there an app you just can’t live without? Would you like to be featured in my weekly Thursday Coffee Talks series? Leave a comment below and let me know because I always look forward to hearing from you!




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