For whatever reason, millennials have been deemed one of the worst Generations. This is a stereotype if I have ever seen one and as a millennial myself it sickens me to see the things people say.

Now, I am no specialist when it comes to Generations, but I can tell you one thing – not one single person in this world is perfect. If you think you are perfect you may want to stop reading this post now.

I recently had someone tell me that when it is time to vote millennials don’t get out and vote. However, I completely disagree with that statement.  This is the first year I have been following along with the elections, but I am still aware, and always have been, of what is happening in the world. This will be the first year I am voting, but I know a ton of people my age that go out and vote, and have since they were able to.

We want change, so why do you think our generation is fighting so hard for that change to happen? During the Baby Boomer generation a lot of changes happened and I can guarantee that the generations before them were not happy about those changes. But instead of the Baby Boomers getting bashed all the time, they get all of the praise. But aren’t they the same ones that are fighting against LGBT laws that are being passed? Aren’t the Millennials the ones fighting to get those laws passed?

We want to see change and we are fighting for that change to happen.

While I was in college I was told that the work world was highly competitive and it would be hard to get a job straight out of school. That started the fear that I would not be able to find a job. Most jobs require you to have experience, but how do college grads earn that experience?

The answer is obviously internships, but how is a 20-something year old supposed to live off of little to no income to gain the experience they need to land an entry level job? I was lucky enough to have three internships while in school. However, I was taking summer classes to help me graduate and working full time to pay my bills. Two of my three internships were unpaid and one was minimum wage.

Millennials have a very strong work ethic, and I am living proof of that. Maybe you are thinking, “No they don’t, they all feel privileged”. That is a flat out false statement. Every generation has those individuals that feel “privileged”.

I can tell you every Millennial I know has worked very hard to get to where they are today. For instance, I have been working and paying for my own things and all of my bills since I was 15 years old. Want to call me privileged now? Need I even mention the fact that I am a single, full time working mom.

The way society bashes millennials needs to stop, and it needs to stop now. Like I previously mentioned, my age group is fighting for change. Change that will make the world a much better place to exist in.

Just because we are not following in the footsteps of the generations before us does not make us a bad generation. We are pushing for change in the world but that does not mean we are bad decision makers. Privilege may come to some in my generation, but that does not mean every single one of us is privileged.

Maybe the problem with millennials is we state our opinions and we stand our ground on those opinions. If that makes us disliked by people in our society then I do not feel sorry about it. Remember, we were raised by the generation before us, who were raised by the generation before them and so on.

Instead of other generations fighting against us, they should be fighting with us. 

What are your thoughts on each generation? Do you think millennials deserve this unfair bashing? What will happen with the generations after the millennials? 


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