In all honesty I feel like I have so many favorite things in life. Favorite movies, books, apps on my phone… you name it! 

Sometimes I wonder if it is normal to like so many things. In reality though, why should it matter how many things I love? As long as I am happy, and the things I love make me happy, then life is great.

In the past month I have become completely obsessed, so to speak, with two things I have loved for a long time and another that is new to me.

Let me just say, when I get excited about something I really want to share it with everyone.

Grab your cup of coffee, or tea, and enjoy my favorites this week. Oh, and since this has been going on for a few weeks I should probably share with you how I like my coffee. Straight up or with a little cream.

Mumford and Sons

Several weeks ago I had the absolute pleasure of getting to see one of my all time favorite bands live. Let me just tell you how absolutely amazing it was. I am still on Cloud Nine from this concert because it was the most amazing concert experience I have ever had in my entire life.

If I could relive this concert every day for the next year I would definitely choose to do so. Their singing sounded just like listening to their album in my car. So flawless and enchanting!

No matter the cost, next time Mumford comes to town I will be there! Not to mention, I touched Mumford Marcus at the concert! He walked right up the stairs beside my seat and I touched his back! How cool is that!?

Yep, life complete.

Grey’s Anatomy

There is this great thing called Netflix that allows a busy, working mom like myself time to catch up on shows (from years ago) that I never got to watch when they started.

With that being said, I have watched Grey’s Anatomy briefly before, but I am currently obsessed with this show! I know everyone under the sun has already basically seen all of the episodes, but I am just now getting to watch more than I saw previously and it is amazing.

A big reason I love this show is because of the life lessons it actually teaches. In each episode there is an underlying lesson waiting to be told throughout the entirety of the show. Not to mention, it makes you feel like you can become a surgeon if you ever really wanted to.

Oh, and not to mention each episode keeps you on your toes with all of the drama going on! That group of people are so close it makes you want to go out and find your Christina to match your Meredith.


Okay, so maybe I do not really have a green thumb, but recently I have decided to plant flowers and Basil and I have successfully managed to keep them all alive!

The flowers I bought were already sprouting, so I just planted them in pots and they have been blooming like crazy. However, the Basil I planted as seeds and today I noticed five little sprouts.

There is something amazing about planting a seed and watching and helping it grow! This is the first time I have ever decided to have a little mini garden on my patio and I am already in love.

Sometime very soon I will be happy and proud to say the basil I am cooking with is from my very own patio that I planted and grew all by myself with the help of my toddler of course.

With summer right around the corner, what are your top three favorite things? 


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