My name is Ashley Funderburk and I am a mommy, but also a social media fanatic, content creator, and a huge coffee enthusiast.

This website is dedicated to being the mom of a very fun and outgoing 2-year-old and the adventures we have together and the parenting tips I learn along the way.

Just like other new and first time moms I am always asking questions and surfing the web for answers that probably all, or at least most, first time moms have. I am bringing you all of my personal tips and tricks for parenting. Right now it is mostly focused around toddler concerns, but I plan to include things I learned when my son was a newborn as well.

This website is also home to my series Thursday Coffee Talks where I discuss all of my favorite items each week. This can range from movies, books, toys my son loves, and whatever else strikes my interest.

If you are interested in contributing to my online community for new and first time moms please contact me. I would love to have guest bloggers and will gladly return the favor for your website.

 Welcome to my life.