[Thursday Coffee Talks] Mumford and Sons, Grey’s Anatomy, and Gardening!

In all honesty I feel like I have so many favorite things in life. Favorite movies, books, apps on my phone… you name it! 

Sometimes I wonder if it is normal to like so many things. In reality though, why should it matter how many things I love? As long as I am happy, and the things I love make me happy, then life is great.

In the past month I have become completely obsessed, so to speak, with two things I have loved for a long time and another that is new to me.

Let me just say, when I get excited about something I really want to share it with everyone.

Grab your cup of coffee, or tea, and enjoy my favorites this week. Oh, and since this has been going on for a few weeks I should probably share with you how I like my coffee. Straight up or with a little cream.

Mumford and Sons

Several weeks ago I had the absolute pleasure of getting to see one of my all time favorite bands live. Let me just tell you how absolutely amazing it was. I am still on Cloud Nine from this concert because it was the most amazing concert experience I have ever had in my entire life.

If I could relive this concert every day for the next year I would definitely choose to do so. Their singing sounded just like listening to their album in my car. So flawless and enchanting!

No matter the cost, next time Mumford comes to town I will be there! Not to mention, I touched Mumford Marcus at the concert! He walked right up the stairs beside my seat and I touched his back! How cool is that!?

Yep, life complete.

Grey’s Anatomy

There is this great thing called Netflix that allows a busy, working mom like myself time to catch up on shows (from years ago) that I never got to watch when they started.

With that being said, I have watched Grey’s Anatomy briefly before, but I am currently obsessed with this show! I know everyone under the sun has already basically seen all of the episodes, but I am just now getting to watch more than I saw previously and it is amazing.

A big reason I love this show is because of the life lessons it actually teaches. In each episode there is an underlying lesson waiting to be told throughout the entirety of the show. Not to mention, it makes you feel like you can become a surgeon if you ever really wanted to.

Oh, and not to mention each episode keeps you on your toes with all of the drama going on! That group of people are so close it makes you want to go out and find your Christina to match your Meredith.


Okay, so maybe I do not really have a green thumb, but recently I have decided to plant flowers and Basil and I have successfully managed to keep them all alive!

The flowers I bought were already sprouting, so I just planted them in pots and they have been blooming like crazy. However, the Basil I planted as seeds and today I noticed five little sprouts.

There is something amazing about planting a seed and watching and helping it grow! This is the first time I have ever decided to have a little mini garden on my patio and I am already in love.

Sometime very soon I will be happy and proud to say the basil I am cooking with is from my very own patio that I planted and grew all by myself with the help of my toddler of course.

With summer right around the corner, what are your top three favorite things? 


[Thursday Coffee Talks] TRESemme Dry Shampoo, To-Do List, and Slack

I want to start this Thursday Coffee Talks off by saying Thank You for bearing with me while my computer was sent away to get repaired.

The past few weeks have been a little hectic due to getting my computer fixed and moving, but all is good and I will be back on track from here on out with the normal Tuesday/Thursday blog schedule.

This week I have three awesome things to share with you that will make your life as a mom a little easier and your job more productive. The first is a hair product I absolutely adore, the second is old school but still works, and the third is the communication tool we use at the company I work for.

Grab your cup of coffee, or tea, and enjoy my favorite items of the week!

TRESemme Basic Care Dry Shampoo

I do not know about you fellow moms out there, but some days I do not have the time to dedicate to my hair. After all, chasing after a toddler all day calls for a pony tail anyways. This product has helped me out tremendously if I just do not have the time to wash my hair one day. My hair takes forever to dry and if I have to take a shower in the morning I do not have the time to waste on drying my hair.

I have never been a fan of dry shampoos, but when I switched hair stylists recently I was talked in to trying them again. I found this one at the local grocery store and I always keep a bottle on hand now. Plus, it is actually bad to wash your hair every single day so taking a break from time to time is a good thing.

Unlike other dry shampoos, this one does not leave a weird film feeling on my hair. It literally soaks up the excess oil, as long as you follow the directions correctly. Apply to much (not that I have ever done that) and your hair will feel like a hot mess. I would recommend this to any of you ladies out there that need a quick hair fix on those crazy busy mornings you may have between getting your little(s) ready and making it to work on time.

Handwritten To-Do List

Yes, you heard correctly – handwritten to-do list. I kid you not, I feel so incredibly productive when I write out an actual to-do list. Not only do I write it, I go a step further to color code my list based on what needs to be done by what day of the week. Once I have completed a task I mark it off of my list and sleep better at night with a feeling of satisfaction from how productive my day was.

Once I have my list written out I always plan out my week based on my to-do list in Google Calendar (I mentioned the Chrome Extension in my last Thursday Coffee Talks article). I color code accordingly based on what each task is. I also place my high priority items either at the top of my list for first thing in the morning, or right after lunch. These are the two times of the work day I am most productive so I always try to knock out the most important tasks I have then.

While some, or maybe even most, of you may think handwriting your to-do list is old-fashioned, it is something I throughly look forward to at the beginning of each week. It helps me to stay calm and collected and to know I am completing what I need to complete, when I need to do it.


Last, but definitely not least, this week is Slack. This communication tool is making huge strides in the business world and I am so happy we use it at my job. The features Slack offers are endless.

The whole purpose of Slack is to have excellent team communication and to cut back on the numerous amounts of emails sent each day. They are also in the process of some awesome updates, including video chat integration, which will make it easier to communicate with team members that may not work in the office – think freelancers or those who work from home some days of the week.

The ability to create channels based on each client is also great to keep track of what is going on in the client campaign. I would highly recommend this tool to anyone who owns a business and is looking to find an easier way to stay up to date with team members and client campaigns.

What are some of your favorite products? Is there an app you just can’t live without? Would you like to be featured in my weekly Thursday Coffee Talks series? Leave a comment below and let me know because I always look forward to hearing from you!



[Thursday Coffee Talks] Chrome Extension, Boomerang, and ESPN Tournament Challenge

Last week I introduced my brand new weekly series titled Thursday Coffee Talks and I am following up my first post with three items that I have fallen in love with in literally the span of a week.

When it comes to productivity I am always looking for tips and tricks that will save time and help motivate me to get more work done. This Google Chrome Extension is literally kickass and I would strongly encourage everyone that uses Google to go download it RIGHT NOW.

Yes that’s how awesome this extension is.

Honestly, I do not download new apps very often on my phone, so when I am intrigued by something I will download it and test it out to see if I will use it or not. This app has been around for a little while and I just discovered how cool it is and now I want to use it all day long!

Oh, and for all of you basketball fans out there, I have joined the ESPN Tournament Challenge craze and started two brackets. I love basketball but this is a huge step for me because I have never cared about sports enough to actively follow along and participate in something of this caliber. Just being bluntly honest here! Don’t judge me. 

Grab a cup of coffee like I have right now and enjoy some of my favorite things that you might find helpful in your life! 

Google Chrome – Google Calendar Extension

When it comes to productivity I always nerd out over articles and tools that will be beneficial to me or anyone I know. As a working mom, I have to literally write down everything to keep track of what I have going on at any given minute of the day.

In the past, and currently, I have always used Google Calendar because I have legitimately always had a Gmail Account.  

With that being said, I have no clue how I never knew about the Google Calendar Chrome Extension until now, but this extension keeps me on track for getting all of my tasks completed in a timely manner while I am at work.

This extension also keeps me on track of any personal appointments I have outside of work in my personal life.

If you are looking to get organized and stay on track with tasks at work or not miss any appointments, I seriously encourage you to use this extension. You will not regret it.

Plus, this is completely free to use it which is a huge added benefit. 


I can honestly say I rarely download apps on my phone because what tends to happen is I will download them, learn about them, and never use them again.

Guess you can call me a creature of habit when it comes to the apps I use all of the time. So when I find a new app that I fall in love with I quickly become attached to it and it is added to my list of daily apps.

Boomerang has been around for a while, but I recently downloaded and WOW was I missing out on the fun. Now when I am out and about I look at anything and everything I can possibly use as a Boomerang and open up my app and hit record.

This app is really awesome and unique, plus it is super fun to use. If you are active on Instagram this will open up a whole new creative world for you as far as Instagram content goes.

This app is free and you can implement it into content for work or use it personally. I recommend just testing out because the worst thing that will happen is you won’t like it and you can simply uninstall it, but like I said I have fallen in love with it. 

ESPN Tournament Challenge

My last favorite of the week is something that is well known to all of you basketball lovers out there.

Yes, I am talking about the ESPN Tournament Challenge! 

I have never really been into sports, and by that I mean I enjoy watching watching games but I have never chosen favorite teams or truly followed along on what is going on. With that being said I can tell you that basketball is easily one of my favorite sports to watch. When I was in high school and college I attended all of the games I could because I actually understand it to a certain point and basketball is just fun to watch!

At work we decided to create a group on the ESPN Tournament Challenge site and I decided I would join in on the fun and give it a try. Let me tell you I have discovered something about myself – if I just try following along with a sport I love I actually really enjoy it! 

I am now active in two brackets and following along with the tournaments – I am actually watching sports at free will! This a major step for me and being the mom of a boy I know this will only benefit me in the long run.

Now I can only hope by the end of this tournament I will choose one or two favorite college teams and keep up with them next season.

What are some of your favorite products? Is there an app you just can’t live without? Leave a comment below and let me know because I am always looking for something new to try!

[Thursday Coffee Talks] L’Oreal, Sumatra Coffee, and TipSee

First and foremost – Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


To all who will be out and celebrating, be safe and responsible. Remember… if you are going to have a drink or two do so responsibly and Uber it home. 


Today I am bringing you a whole new Thursday series titled Thursday Coffee Talks. This series will be dedicated to bringing you my top favorite things (parent/child products, apps, makeup, coffee, etc.) of the week. Not sure about you guys, but I absolutely love hearing what other people’s favorites are, so I want to share my favorite things with you guys!

For my first Thursday Coffee Talks I have chosen a makeup product, my current favorite coffee, and the app I use to track money. Grab a cup of coffee and take a look at my favorites. 🙂

L’Oreal Voluminous Miss Magna Mascara

This mascara is my top favorite in the makeup world. Not only is it affordable, but it is easy to apply and just as easy to remove. In the past I have always run into the issue of my mascara clumping – even after applying it correctly. Talk about frustrating! I absolutely hate when this happens and I will toss the mascara in the trash without second thoughts and run to the store to grab a different kind.

I must say, when I find a mascara that I fall in love with I do not really change it up for a good amount of time. Guess you can call me a creature of habit, but when it comes to mascara (my favorite makeup to wear) if it gives my lashes volume and length and is easy to apply and remove I’m all in and committed to the product.

My favorite color is blackest black because I feel like it really enhances my lashes. Another great thing about this mascara is it doesn’t smudge throughout the day. I can apply it at 7AM and it will still be on my lashes and look just as great as when I applied it by 10PM. That’s a huge perk for me!

HT Organics Coffee – Sumatra

 Recently I made the switch over to organic coffee and I must say you can definitely taste a HUGE difference between organic and nonorganic – I promise I’m not just saying that!

When I bought my Mr. Coffee Single K-Cup Brewing System I tried extremely hard to find a reusable single brew filter that fit the coffee maker correctly. For some reason K-Cups actually freak me out (maybe it’s the thought of plastic getting that hot or the extreme effects all of that wasted plastic has on our environment) but being the only one really drinking coffee at home it was a waste of coffee when I was brewing by the pot. I really only drink one to two cups in the morning or throughout the entire day and it broke my heart to waste all of that delicious coffee!

After I finally found the correct reusable filter I started looking for a good organic coffee by the bag that was close to my favorite K-Cup coffee (Green Mountain Coffee Organic Sumatra Aceh Coffee) my biggest challenge was finding an organic coffee at the grocery store that matched the Green Mountain brand I had fallen in love with.

The Harris Teeter brand has easily become my favorite because it tastes almost exactly like the Green Mountain Organic Sumatra. I love a great, bold coffee that has a delicious flavor about it and this is the one! Plus, you know it is great when you go to bed at night excited to wake up for that delicious cup of morning coffee.


 If you are a mommy, or not, and work in an industry where your income is based solely on tips (bartending, waiting tables, etc.) then this app is for you! I have been using this app for two years now and I absolutely adore it. While I have a salary based job now, I still bartend on Friday nights and need a way to track the extra income I have and for the past 4 years I have held jobs that my income was solely based on tips.

Sidebar – for all of you mommies (single or not) out there that work jobs where you have to live off of tips I know what it is like and more power to you for being the strong mom that you are! You are doing an amazing job of providing for your child(ren).

This app allows you to enter the amount of hours you worked that day and the total money you made in tips. It breaks down how much per hour you made that day and the total amount of money you made each week, month, and for the entire year. While I have only used the free version because it does everything I have ever needed it to do, the paid version allows you to add more than one job to track tips for. Plus, the paid version has some awesome features worth looking at.

The reason this is an app I cannot live without is because it has honestly helped me manage my money better than I ever have. Physically seeing a breakdown of my earned money makes me pay close attention to the amount of money I am actually spending as well, so if you have a job that is based on tips I highly recommend this app to you! You can download it on the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

What are some of your favorite products? Is there an app you just can’t live without? Leave a comment below and let me know because I am always looking for something new to try!